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City Limits Logo

Our Mission is His Commission


Receive them where they are

Embrace them at their need

Apply God’s truth

Create opportunities for fellowship

Help mentor them through the cross

City Limits A/G

City Limits Assembly of God was birthed in 1994 when God spoke to Rev. Jimmie Rivera to come back to the streets in a new way. Coming out of years of abuse, homelessness, and drug addiction, Pastor Jim’s salvation, education, and call brought him and his wife Debbie to the inner city streets of Allentown, PA.  As he looked for a building, he discovered that a large church was for sale on the corner of Ridge and Chew. God opened the door and that began the ministry of City Limits Assembly of God here in Allentown. 

Then and now,  we at City Limits have been reaching out to our community by tangibly loving its people through block parties, giving out Christmas trees, turkey dinners at Thanksgiving, bicycles for kids, handing out food and water, even physically cleaning the streets. As much as we love doing all of that, we desire to connect with our community in a way that will impact lives for the long term.  Therefore, we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ giving them opportunity to know the peace, love, acceptance and healing that only Jesus can give. This is what will impact their lives forever and we are right there!

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