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All of our Outreaches are purposed in connecting with our community, showing the love of Jesus as we genuinely love and care for each person while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. This is a priority at City Limits...


One week each summer, we hit the streets to connect with our community: giving them bags of food, handing out cold water, and praying with them to show we genuinely care about each and every person in our community. 


Each August, we reach out to the children of our community by presenting a week long program geared specifically to the age of children showing them the love of God and presenting them with the Gospel using puppets, songs, stories, crafts, and fun.


During the holiday season, we want to make sure everyone has a Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate with. Each year, we give out turkeys with all the fixings. We don’t stop there as we want to give them something permanent in their lives as well so we share the Gospel with them. 


A Christmas tree is a big part of the Christmas holiday and we want to make sure that each home in our community has a tree. In December, with other organizations partnering with us, we give out free Christmas trees to members of our community who would like one, along with hot dogs, hot chocolate, coats, scarves, hats and even bicycles for the kids. It’s a wonderful family time of celebration as we love on our community.

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